"attach object for towing by this drone"

Tow is a drone upgrade that allows a drone to drag certain objects around on derelicts.

Tow can move ship upgrades and disabled drones (yellow outline), but cannot move destroyed drones (brown outline and a large X marking it) or permanently/firmly installed ship upgrades.

Objects towed into room r1 (the boarding vessel) will be taken and placed into the player's inventory when the mission/scavenge run is exited.

Usage Edit

'tow'   start or stop towing object with the current drone, or
         the only drone with the upgrade
'tow 3' start or stop towing object with drone 3

Modifications Edit

Modification Scrap
Assemble tow -10
Repair -8 to -12
Convert into scrap +3

- Notice that it is more cost efficient to assemble a new tow and scrap the old one, rather than just repairing the old tow (this effectively costs 7 scrap).